Computer Lab

McDonough Homes Location (1544 Timberlake Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55117)

  • Hours: currently looking for volunteers to monitor open lab.Mcdlab10

McDonough Homes Computer Lab

Mt. Airy Homes Location (91 Arch St. Saint Paul, MN 55130)

  • Hours: currently looking for volunteers to monitor open lab.IMG_5569.JPG

Mt. Airy Homes Computer Lab

Computer Team

  • Computer peers are assigned to hi-rises and family sites to maintain and/or make repairs and assist residents with computer training and troubleshooting IT issues.
  • Computer administrators and peers meet regularly and are trained as needed to stay updated on computer hardware/software changes and upgrades.

Letters to Elected Officials

  • Maintain contact with elected officials and government employees regarding funding and legislation affecting multi-family housing sites.

Garden Mentor Training

Through a partnership with the University of MN Extension Ramsey County Master Gardeners Program, PHA residents have the opportunity to learn the abc’s of gardening and share their knowledge with their peers to grow their own food and beautify their surroundings. Program runs from February to March. Contact Natalie for more information.


PHA Honey for Sale

That’s right. PHA had its very own beehive on the roof of the Andrew H. Boss PHA building. Although the program has ended, the PHA still has jars of honey for sale. Each jar is $3.50 and either cash or checks are accepted. All proceeds go to fund our scholarship program for residents seeking educational opportunities. See flyer below.

Honey for Sale-forcwwebsite